Invest now, Invest in the future, Invest in your future

Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:30 pm to 3:45pm
School Year 2018 / 2019 Open to All Boys and Girls Grades 9 to 12 At Krop HS

  • Learn multiple business strategies
  • Learn how to start investing in real estate
  • Learn how to start investing in the stock market
  • Learn to compare different investment opportunities and select the best return on investment
  • Learn how to start a business
  • Prepare for a better financial future


The Youth Academy is a fun and exciting after school program where students learn real world investment strategies.

Length of Program

The Youth Academy is a 5 month program during the school year. Upon the end of the school year, students are then transitioned into internships and job opportunities in the community and with program partners.

Students receive a $100 monthly investment stipend to be used as a scholarship

Students receive a $100 monthly investment stipend provided that they complete the required three (3) criteria’s each month:
  1. Attend both after school program sessions during the week
  2. Complete the program lesson assigned that day
  3. Pass the module exam given at the end of the month with a 90% score or better No more than two student absences are permitted on a monthly basis; and the monthly module exam serves to confirm that the student has a solid grasp of the investment strategies taught that month. If a student scores lower than expected then they are permitted to continue re taking the exam until a passing score is received.

How do students use the money?

All participating students are required to open a student checking account at the local sponsoring bank. Through this process, the student gains an understanding as to how much interest their money can make in a bank, and compare this interest to various alternative investment options learned throughout the year. By opening a student checking account, they are also introduced to the different traditional banking products such as a Certificate of Deposit “CD” and Individual Retirement Accounts “IRAs”. After five (5) months of participating in the program, the student will have $500 for each year of participation to be awarded in the form of a scholarship.

How is the program funded?

The Youth Academy is funded by contributions from partners, individuals, corporations, and foundations.